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Healthy Treats With Simple Ingredients

Guilt-Free | 100% Human-Grade | Real Healthy Ingredients


Healthy treats make healthier dogs

When it comes to good nutrition, our dogs are just like us; the better they eat, the healthier they are. By giving your best friend high quality food, you can ensure that they have a longer, happier life.

Our treats are handmade with premium human-grade ingredients, and are designed to keep your dog healthy and thriving for years to come.


High quality treats with nothing to hide

100% Human-Grade

Out treats are 100% human-grade and non-GMO. That means NO by-products, NO preservatives, NO chemicals, and BHA or BHT. This makes our all-natural treats perfectly fit for human consumption.

Made in the USA

We handcraft all of our treats in small batches right here in the USA, with locally sourced ingredients. Our treats are then individually inspected for quality before being shipped from our women-owned, food-safe manufacturing facility.

Vet Recommended

Formulated with the advice of veterinarians and animal nutritionists, our dog treats are designed with your pup’s health and happiness in mind. This makes Pupums a perfect guilt-free snack for any occasion.

How We're Different

Great For Sensitive Stomachs
Non-GMO Certified Ingredients
Organic Ingredients
Plant Based and Vegan
Complete and Balanced

Why Smart Dog Owners Are Making The Switch

Healthier Weight
Peace of Mind
Better Poops
Shinier Coats
Allergy Relief
More Energy

Three irresistible recipes for the ones you ❤️

Crispy Oatmeal Chip

A delicious yet low calorie treat that’s perfect for a mid-walk snack, or crunched up as a mouth-watering meal topper.

Peanut Butter Crunch

A popular choice for the pup who can’t get enough peanut butter. This treat has all the flavor without causing your pup to put on the extra pounds.

Sweet Potato Pie

These cute heart-shaped treats are packed with flavor. Perfect for little pups or as a low-calorie training treat.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our treats are made to be a superior and tasty alternative to the mass-produced unhealthy treats you'll find in most stores. Thats why if you (or your pup) is not 100% satisfied with our treats, we'll refund you, no questions asked. Pups honor. 🐶


Verified Tail Waggin’ Reviews

"The main reason I like Pupums is because they truly believe in only using only high-quality USA sourced ingredients." 

Jon M.

"Our dog Aruthor has a sensitive stomach and is really picky about his food. We've tried every other treat on the market, and Pupums does the trick." 

Julia N.

"I never really knew how bad my old treats were until I found Pupums. We're so happy to have finally found a healthy tasty treat."

Elizabeth N.

"Choosing the right food for Scout is hard enough. It's great to know Pupums treats are healthy, and that really gives me peace of mind." 

Christian L.
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