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We're Pupums

Choosing the right treats for your pup can be tough. Most treats contain artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers, and by-products... That's not something you would eat, so why would you feed it your furry family member? With that in mind, we set out to accomplish one mission: to create simple and nutritious dog treats that all pups can enjoy.

Come join us on our journey to bring real food to all dogs. ❤️

- The Pupums Team


Quality Obsessed

We’ve spent years in research and development to ensure that our treats are of the highest quality for your pup. We're constantly looking for new ways to innovate and deliver optimal nutrition to your pup, so you can rest assured that your pooch is taken care of in the treats department. At Pupums, we believe the better their treats are, the better your best friend will feel.

Sweating the Small Stuff

When creating Pupums, we took time to investigate all of the treat options out there. We were shocked to find the majority contained cheap ingredients and by-products, made false or misleading claims, and were mass-produced. We started from scratch to build a dog treat we'd give to our very own pup, and Pupums was born.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With superior taste and exceptional health benefits compared to the alternatives, we at Pupums have a 100% cash back guarantee if you (or your pup) is not completely satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked – Pup’s Honor!

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